Mobdro App Releases Premium Features to Android and iOS Users Those are having Upgrade Version of Mobdro Apk

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In the entertainment section, mobdro has become the most demanding and wanted the application. It has become the best video streaming application today. It streams videos and was particularly made for the android users which plays videos of all countries and languages. The application works just like Netflix and plays video on all android platforms running on operating system 4.1 and above. It is compatible with all android versions and successfully runs all videos

Mobdro for pc free download
Mobdro for pc free download


Video streaming is the latest trend of watching movies in this modern world.  There are many video streaming apps available, but you cannot be sure about them.  If you are looking for a recommendation, then Mobdro is a fantastic app which you can download in your devices. The good news is that this app is absolutely free and is having many other features.  This app allows you to search videos from the internet and can get them in your systems and after that, you can stream them.  This app is available for MAC, Windows, androids etc

There are very interesting features, which you are going to get with this app like bookmarking and sharing videos.  With the premium TV feature, you can also download videos of your choices.  The database of this app is huge and this way you will be able to save lots of videos.  It also keeps on looking for some best videos on the internet and saves for you. This is one video streaming app which you are surely going to like a lot.

Mobdro for Androids:

The official version of this app is just available for Android Smartphone, which means you cannot use it on other devices unless you have the permission to use any third party app.  If you wish to run this amazing Mobdro for PC/Laptop on Windows, then you will need Bluestack app first so that you can run all your android apps on your computers.

Why is it the Best?

There are many reasons why you will want this app on your devices. If you love video steaming, then this is the best app for you. With this app, you have access to


  • Live TV serials
  • TV shows
  • TV programs
  • Other popular channel programs


You get all this absolutely free with this app. There are different ways b which you can use this app on your different devices.  You are also going to get Mobdro apk so that you can get all its features. Just make sure that you are choosing the latest version of the app. You must download this app and then install it on your devices.  You can watch the videos anywhere and anytime.  This video is totally free to use.

Have fun with it?

You can have this app and then watch all your favorite stuff online absolutely free.  There is a premium app which you are going to get to be used on your PC. There are many features, which you are going to get with it like


  • Premium user: – with the premium version you will be able to access unlimited HD videos, serials, and movies. You can get your favorite stuff with HD formats.
  • Latest version: – you must be regularly updating your app so that you get a bug free version of this amazing app.
  • Online TV: – you are also going to get free online TV shows, which are telecasted on the apps.
  • Ad free: – the premium version is going to block all the pop-up ads and you will not have to worry about the ads anymore.


Relish Superficial Features Of Mobdro Premium:

Although the application comes free which plays almost all the videos, yet it comes it two options; premium and freemium. The premium package of the app is updated one with different features and it plays those videos which aren’t played on a free mode of mobdro. Using the premium version, a user gets several features that aren’t included in the free version of the game.

Mobdro for pc free download
Mobdro for pc free download

More realistic features such as” chrome cast support” is available in the premium version which means that the user will get to put the video on a bigger screen removing all the video ads. This feature simply means that by using the premium version of the app, frequent irritating video adds will not crop up in midst of a video. The premium version of the application mobdro was built just to give to extra essential features which perhaps weren’t available on the free version. These features truly enhance the experience of watching the videos especially playing the 4k video.

For accessing the premium version and feature of the app, users need to access the application from inside and then tap on the mobdro logo in an upper left corner. Then will come the option of getting the premium version as” Go Premium”. Click on it to unleash the premium and upgraded version of the app. However, the mobdro option isn`t available for the iPhone users so the users will have to download the iPhone or iPad version only. The premium version of the app is totally ad free and is sans of all the advertisements and pop ups.

General Features of the Premium Version:


  • Ad free- using the premium version, there will be no advertisements and bugs in the middle of video streaming and the users can unbreakable watch the videos
  • Downloading- the user can also save selected videos to the devices.
  • Chrome cast support- with chrome casting integration, a user can easily watch the videos on a big screen.
  • Sleep timer- a user can also set a sleep timer and go to sleep playing a favorite video. The player will automatically cease once the timer rings and the battery won`t be drained when you wake up.


So these are some excellent features of the premium version of the mobdro app.  It is the best player for smart phone user which plays videos of all languages and countries. The user also in this version gets recommended videos which he can also share on other platforms. In short, the premium version of is loaded with some out and out scintillating features and will secure many downloads.

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Download Mobdro APK Premium / Free for Android Phone

Mobdro APK Get the official connects to downloadMobdroapk and this little article can encourage conjointly help you to put in MobdroPremiumAPK on android-based gadgets. As we tend to all comprehend that Mobdro for robot gadgets can change you to stream a huge number of Free Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and that’s just the beginning. the most up to date form has uncountable alternatives and additional current films content every day. furthermore, that we will even run Mobdro on Windows and parka abuse refreshed rendition of its apk document. On the off chance that you have a laptop|portable computer} or PC at that point introduce it on. Another prevalent Mobdro APK 2017 guide for Android telephone.


On the off chance that you have a laptop|portable computer} or PC at that point introduce it on PC and information free motion pictures on an outsized screen with HD quality.downloadMobdroapk and this little article can encourage conjointly help you to put in Mobdro Premium APK on android-based gadgets. As we tend to all comprehend that Mobdro for robot gadgets can change you to stream a huge number of Free Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. the most up to date form has uncountable alternatives and additional current motion pictures content day by day. what’s more, that we will even run Mobdro on Windows and waterproof shell abuse refreshed adaptation of its apk record. On the off chance that you have a laptop|portable computer} or PC at that point introduce it on.

Mobdro APK Download for iOS, Android, Windows Free:-

As we have a tendency to all understand that Mobdro for robot devices can modify you to stream thousands of Free Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and more. the newest version has uncountable options and extra recent movies content daily. and that we will even run Mobdro on Windows and raincoat exploitation updated version of its apk file. If you’ve got a laptop|portable computer} or computer then install it on. Popular URL to get official Mobdro application for your android phone

As we tend to all comprehend that Mobdro for robot gadgets can change you to stream a huge number of Free Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and the sky is the limit from there. the most current adaptation has uncountable choices and additional current films content day by day. furthermore, that we will even run Mobdro on Windows and parka abuse refreshed form of its apk record. On the off chance that you have a laptop|portable computer} or PC at that point introduce it on PC and information free motion pictures on an outsized screen with HD quality.

Mobdro Premium Apk
Mobdro Premium Apk

Mobdro application takes after a novel system that unendingly scans for the easiest video, film, live streams on the net and influences them to out there on cell phones or tablets. it’s out there for each paid and free clients on the off chance that you can’t supply money at that point don’t stress we will utilize its free form.

The Mobdro Premium apk has assist alternatives like it totally Ad free, Chromecast bolster, Sleep Timer, and few coming choices known as Cloud share coordination and Live occasions. In case you’re new this application then here is my another guide an approach to setup Mobdro on-line television for chromecast to play HD motion pictures on offer screen.It is out there for different stage gadgets like

Mobdro APK Premium Version for Android, iOS free Download:-

It is out there for different stage gadgets like robot, iOS, Windows, Macbook, Televisions, Chromecast and at present the nearness of Kodi media focus is furthermore there. To exchange Mobdro for Kodi check my past article on that.

Barely any more seasoned variants may trouble clients though establishment or taking a gander at. In the event that Mobdro application isn’t performing on Chromecast, Kodi, robot telephone at that point don’t stress in regards to it, you’ll have the capacity to settle it by a few traps, please experience this connection. Here is that the diversely to run Mobdro on PC misuse the most current outsider devices.

Download and Install Mobdro APK every Premium and Free Versions

Watching Movies on-line while not monitor robot gadgets is greatly immense arrangement however Mobdro enables clients to take a gander, best case scenario video streams. As of late, the link membership is attempting appallingly unfortunate arrangement and right now there region unit bunches of ways that relish stuff on-line. These zone unit the day’s people territory unit needs to have gushed, not broadcast.

There range unit couple of various applications out there which supply video spilling on robot like Amazon prime Instant Video, firm move, motion picture producer Movies wherever, Google Play Movies and TV, HBO Now, MovieBox, ShowBox, PlayBox. These applications zone unit particular to each extraordinary however few may cost and few free.

To exchange Mobdro, kindly do take after the intricate headings underneath and in the event that you have another iOS contraptions at that point exchange Mobdro for iPhone, if not the case at that point skip it. There region unit excessively a few applications like Mobdro however its finest alternatives can make it split away the inverse applications. It got Brobdingnagian quality at interims a traverse of your chance inferable from its uncommon functionalities. The present in each advanced media and people has a huge interest for gushing application for cell phone or tablets.

Step 1: adjustment your gadget settings to change Unkown Sources. go to Settings – > Security – > Unkown Sources.

Step 2: exchange most recent working Mobdro.APK record from the beneath interface.

Step 3: Once the exchange was finished at that point go to the exchange area and fixture on that to open and tap on INSTALL catch.

Step 4: anticipate few moments to complete the establishment. Presently, with progress put in it on your robot gadget. That is it.

How to get Premium Version?

There aren’t any 2 totally extraordinary applications for every Premium and free form. In the first place, downloaded apk will be the Free form, in the event that you wish to exchange to proficient form at that point basically change from vindicate to Premium specifically from inside the application. It unremarkably costs two.99€ a year. you may get extra accommodating and delightful while taking a gander at. See beneath screenshot for the higher arrangement.

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Is Mobdro the new Kodi? Streaming app let’s you watch TV, movies and sports for FREE

A few months ago Kodi was king, an unstoppable force in the quest for free online streaming content.

But much has changed since the heady days of simply customising an Android-enabled device and watching box office movies, live sporting events and other copyrighted material without forking out a subscription fee.

Mobdro for pc free download
Mobdro for pc free download

Ongoing legal action with sellers of so-called ‘Kodi boxes’, the recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union which decreed that anyone streaming illegally copied film or TV shows is breaking the law and the ever-increasing list of third-party add-on developers being pursued by authorities across the globe puts more than just a taint on the once incomparable Kodi.

And don’t forget the possibility of facing ten years in jail for getting caught using illegal streams courtesy of the Digital Economy Act 2017 – the Bill was made an Act of Parliament in April.

To be clear, Kodi itself is perfectly legal – it carries no content, but it can be customised with third-party add-ons to allow access to illegal streams.

But in recent weeks those streams have been disappearing and dominating the chat in online forums due to their dwindling reliability and availability.

Must Check: Mobdro for pc

Enter the not-so-young pretender, Mobdro:-

Mobdro is an Android app, capable of streaming live channels and on-demand content that includes popular TV shows, movies and live sports.

The app isn’t listed in the app store, but the APK (Andriod application package) is freely available online and can be installed on any device in a few clicks with a bit of know-how.

Mobdro has been around for several years, but has so far evaded the copyright enforcers. It’s versatility means it can be loaded onto Android Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PCs and TV streaming devices like Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and played through a regular television.

The app offers both a ‘freemium’ and a paid-for premium version, but the premium version is only needed if you want to put it on a Chromecast.

Before you can watch anything on Mobdro, you must agree to the app’s terms and conditions, which state that it is designed to “crawl the web for free streams” and capture them in order for users to watch.

The disclaimer also adds: “Mobdro has no control whatsoever nor may it be held liable for the content or location of the streams, which shall be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted.

“Should the holder of a copyright consider that her/his right have[sic] been breached, she/he must address the source to request its withdrawal.”

There is currently no Mobdro for pc release for non-jailbroken iOS devices, which means it’s not possible to download and install on iPhones or iPads – but there are similar apps available.

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Mobdro on Fire Stick Install Guide: How to download Mobdro the easy way

Mobdro on Fire Stick: How to get Mobdro on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

Hailed as the new Kodi, Mobdro is an excellent media streaming app that can pull content from all over the internet – and just as you can install Kodi on the Fire TV Stick, so you can with Mobdro for pc.

Getting it working is a touch fiddly, though, as Amazon doesn’t provide the software in its store. Instead, you have to sideload Mobdro by downloading the installation .apk file.

Mobdro on fire stick
Mobdro on fire stick

In this guide, we’ll take you through two detailed methods of installing the software on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. The first method uses the ES File Explorer application, which you can run directly from your media streamer. The second method uses a program called adbLink on your PC.

Personally, we find the second method easier and quicker.

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Install Mobdro on Fire Stick: Method 1

1) Enable apps from unknown sources and turn on ADB:

For security reasons, the Fire TV and Fire Stick will not allow you to sideload applications unless you change a couple of settings. To make the required changes, go to Settings (the rightmost option at the top of the home screen) and navigate to Device, Developer Options and toggle Apps from Unknown Sources to On.

In the same menu, you should turn on the ADB debugging option, too. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) lets you remotely install applications over a network, and is a handy feature if you can’t get ES File Explorer method to work.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick

2) Install ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer is a handy file manager that lets you download and install applications directly to your Fire TV or Fire Stick. To install it, go back to the home screen and select the search option, then search for ‘ES File Explorer’. If you have the Alexa remote, you can just press the microphone button and search using your voice.

Select the ES File Explorer and File Manager option and then select Get to install the software. Once the download has completed, run the new app (for future use, ES File Explorer is listed under Your apps & games on the Home screen).

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Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 1

3) Add a favourite:

You need to add a favourite into ES File Explorer so that it can download the .apk installation file. In ES File Explorer, select the Add option on the left-hand side of the interface.

In the dialog box that appears, select Path and press enter. Now, use the onscreen keyboard and enter ‘https://www.mobdro.to/mobdro.apk’ (without the quote marks). Select Next, and you’ll still have the on-screen keyboard up. This is so that you can enter a name for the Favorite, such as ‘mobdro’. Click Next when you’re done, and you’ll be back to the main ES File Explorer interface. Select Add (the button should be highlighted lightly in grey), being careful that you don’t hit Cancel, or you’ll have to add the Favorite all over again.

If ES File Explorer won’t let you enter a name for the Favorite after you’ve entered the web address, click Cancel. Start adding the Favorite again, but this time select the Name field first, and enter your custom name. Then, select the Path field and enter the web address as above.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick

4) Download Mobdro:

Select your Mobdro Favorite from the left-hand menu in ES File Explorer (it will be at the bottom of the list, and could be off-screen). This will load the Mobdro download site in ES Explorer’s main window, but it will stay blank as we’ve linked to a direct download.

To download the .apk file, you need to select More in ES File Explorer: press left to choose the left-hand menu, scroll to the bottom, then press right until More is selected. From the More menu, select Open in browser, and then choose ES Downloader from the Open with menu. You’ll see a progress box appear, showing you how long the file will take to download.

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Mobdro on Fire TV Stick

5) Install Mobdro:

Once Mobdro has downloaded, select the Open file option in ES File Explorer. On the next dialog box, select Install button. This brings up an information page that shows the permissions Mobdro will have. Select the Install button, and Mobdro will be installed on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 4

6) Run Mobdro:

Once the installation has completed, you can select Open to run Mobdro on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Accept the terms and conditions, and you can start watching programmes. For future use, Mobdro is located on the Home screen under Your apps & games, or in the Recent section.

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Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 5

Install Mobdro on Fire Stick: Method 2

Using ES File Explorer can be bit fiddly, so the other option is to use adbLink. This runs on your PC and sends the installation file directly to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick over your home network. You’ll need to have your streamer set to allow third-party installations and have adb enabled (see Step 1 in Method 1 above).

Mobdro Firestick Mobdro for Firestick
Mobdro Firestick Mobdro for Firestick

1) Find your Fire TV’s IP address

To use adbLink, you first need to know your Fire TV’s IP address. To get this information go to Settings (the rightmost option at the top of the home screen). Go to Settings, Device, About, Network. Write down the address listed under IP Address.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick

2) Download Mobdro

You need to download Mobdro to your computer. Get up a browser window and go to https://www.mobdro.to/. Scroll down the page and select the Download The App button. This will save the .apk installation file to your computer.

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Mobdro on Fire TV Stick

3) Configure adbLink

Download adbLink from jocala.com, and install it on your computer. When complete, run the software. Click the New button to create a new profile for your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. In the dialog box that appears, you need to enter a Description (a name for your device) and, under Address, the IP address that you noted down. Click Save when you’re done.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 2

4) Install Mobdro

Click the Connect button and adbLink will make a connection to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick; you’ll know it’s worked when you see a new entry under Connected devices. Click the Install APK button, and then select the Mobdro file that you downloaded earlier. Select Yes to install the software.

At the bottom of adbLink’s screen, you’ll see the ‘ADB running’ message. Wait until the green status bar has filled and you’ll get a pop-up message that says ‘Installed’. Click OK.

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Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 3

5) Run Mobdro

From your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, Mobdro will now be listed under Your apps & games on the home screen. Select it to run it, and then select Accept, when prompted, to accept the license agreement. You can now start streaming content.

Mobdro on Fire TV Stick 4

And that’s all you need to know to get Mobdro on your Fire TV Stick – happy streaming!

Not got a Fire TV Stick yet? Here’s the cheapest place to buy one right now.

Let us know if you have any issues or other suggestions in the comments.

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